MP3 Splitter & Joiner Pro

MP3 Splitter & Joiner Pro 5.10

Split MP3 files into smaller parts or join MP3 files together into a bigger one

This program combines two EZ SoftMagic tools – MP3 Splitter Pro and MP3 Joiner Pro – in a single environment. By using this application, you can split an MP3 file into smaller parts, or join several MP3 files together into a bigger one. Despite its name, the program doesn't only support MP3 format, but also other audio formats, like WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC, and Ogg for both functions.

The program's user interface offers buttons to switch from one function to the other with one click. A third button allows you to access the program's “about” information and the configuration window. The joiner function of the program allows you to add all the source files you want to merge by using either the "Add" button or the drag-and-drop method. This function provides two joining modes – direct (without re-encoding) and conversion. The first method is faster but it's designed to merge audio files of the same format and with the same encoding parameters, while the second method is much more time-consuming but allows you to merge a heterogeneous group of audio files. Anyway, if you are not sure about the method you should use, you can let the program make the right choice for you. Besides, a function called "partial merge" allows you to join specific portions of your source files.

As for the splitter function, it can act both as an audio splitter and as an audio cutter. In other words, you can split an audio file by duration, fixed number of segments or through automatic silence detection and turn it into smaller files or you can simply extract portions from your audio files. You can even combine both modes to extract a segment of an audio file and then split it into smaller parts, for example. The splitter function supports very large audio files (even over 4GB), and it also supports batch processing, so that you can add multiple source files and split them all at once.

This pro version of the program introduces a number of interesting features, as compared to the standard version. For example, we have partial file merging, batch split support, ID3v2 tag editor, and support for audio formats besides MP3, to mention just a few. In conclusion, I would highly recommend this tool to anyone who needs advanced audio file splitting and merging, powerful functionality and ease of use.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Supports various popular audio formats besides MP3
  • Capable of deciding the right joining mode for you
  • Supports partial audio file merging
  • Can be used as an audio cutter
  • Capable of splitting audio files automatically through silence detection
  • Supports very large audio files
  • Supports batch audio file splitting


  • Its visual design could be improved
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